This blog post is going to be very short, because we didn’t do much at all yesterday.

This is what vacation is supposed to be about: sleeping in late, moving from one comfy spot to another, reading books that we have put off reading for ages.

We ventured into the town of Makawao for lunch, and then headed over to West Maui to do some touristy shopping (hey, where else are you going to find that many humuhumunukunukuapuaa t-shirts in one place?), then decided to have dinner at the Maui Brewing Company.

Turns out that the Maui Brewing Company has two locations but only one restaurant. The first location that Google Maps found seemed like a short walk away from us, but when we got there, we realized that it was only the brewery itself. We could have taken a tour, but the last tour had already come and gone, so we were left to try to find the actual restaurant.

I plugged in the address into my GPS, but the dang machine started taking us toward that scary part of the road where we had our adventure on our first night here. We turned around while we still could and checked Google Maps again, which showed us that we had driven right past it.

Success! We had a nice dinner, drove back to our house, and ended the night with a dip in the jacuzzi (yes, our rental house has a jacuzzi). Not much to report, but all vacation-worthy activities.

No Plans, No Agenda
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