I have been ready to go on vacation. December is always a busy month for singers, but this year was even more busy because 1) I had rehearsals and performances from Thanksgiving through to several days after Epiphany, and 2) I had to write 5 grant applications before leaving!

Don’t get me wrong: I love being able to sing for a living, and part of the job is being able to handle these intense periods of stress. But that also means I need to find time to rest and recuperate, which is exactly what this trip to Maui is all about.

Me and TerryI’ll spare you the details of our almost 24 hours of travel getting here. Suffice to say we spent a lot of time on the tarmac waiting to get in the air, and even more time in SFO waiting for our next plane. The bright, shining moment of all that waiting was that we were able to connect with my best friend since 7th grade, who took a couple hours off work to visit with us at the airport.

We saw the sun rise over the oil refineries of Philadelphia, and we saw it set over the clouds of the Pacific. I slept a little bit on the plane, but Ray could not; by the time we got to the place we were staying, we were both so exhausted we barely had time to explore the house before collapsing into bed.

Plane shadowI’m going to try to blog every day (while it’s fresh in my mind, and so I don’t have to do it when I get home). To be continued…

A long time coming
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