One of these days I’ll be a world traveler,
Fluent in German, Italian, and French.
But I don’t have funds, so I’ll have to content myself
Reading through travel blog posts from the bench.

I have a project in mind for the garden,
Complete with gazebo and rose-filled archways;
But industrious weeds have some different intentions…
I’ll get around to it one of these days.

One of these days I’ll learn to play piano
Better than slowly tapping out Für Elise.
It’s tough, though, because if I want true proficiency
I’ve got to actually practice the piece!

One of these days I’ll knit a new sweater
But first I should finish that second green sock.
I won’t finish spring cleaning, not until autumn;
Forgive me if my messiness gives you a shock.

In the meantime, my hours are filled with such business
Of living and loving and writing always.
If I don’t reach my goals soon, I just tell myself:
I’ll get around to it one of these days.

This week’s Indie Ink Writing Challenge came from Joelyn, who gave me this prompt:

One of these days…..

I also decided to challenge myself to write a poem, which I very rarely do, because I don’t really think I’m a good poet. But that line scanned so easily, I figured I’d give it a try.

You can find the answer to my prompt written by octoberesque before the end of the week.

Song of the Procrastinator
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  • The story of my life!

  • I love it!  I never write poetry, either.  You did a nice job.  Very fluid and familiar.  You’re awesome.

  • Random Girl

    Yep, this could be my theme song, for real! Well done, glad you gave poetry a go, it was a good fit! 

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  • “I don;t think I’m a good poet.” Whatever. I love this. It’s catchy, it flows, its funny, and it shows. (LOL).

  • Petertrumpet

    One of these days I’m gonna get things right
    Gonna start doing business in the daylight . . .
    (Mose Allison)

    I do this tune with my blues band . . . I love the last verse

    One of these days I’m gonna go back home
    Gonna sit out on my front porch and compose a pome.

    One of these days you know I’m gonna go back home

    Gonna sit out on my front porch and straightaway compose a pome.

    (pome spelled intentionally by me, don’t think Mose does it like that)

  • Your poem turned out great. I like the cadence of the rhymes. I can also relate to so many of your ‘one of these days.’