I’m gearing up for another week at the Indie Ink Writing Challenge. After taking a week off, I’m happy to get back in the saddle.

But we’ve had quite a week over here in this corner of the blogoverse, and that, coupled with seemingly endless rehearsals for the Month of Moderns (Latvian and Swedish and Seneca, oh my!), has made me a little loopy.

Therefore, I bring you: ADORABLE KITTENS.


These are pictures of Itchy and Scratchy when they were kittens, while they were still cute.


I’m just kidding. They’re still cute, even though they’re no longer kittens.

Itchy & Scratchy, napping

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  • Petertrumpet

    Yes, they’ll always stay kittens, just as in the pictures of my little girl she’ll always be a little girl!