In the warm unfurling of the morning, after the first alarm has sounded to begin the day, we have nine minutes to traverse the road back from Morpheus’ realm to this world. We are two spoons lying lazily in a web of comfort, teasing each other with giddy giggles. I am always quick to start my busy day, but he reaches his arm around me and stops me from going anywhere. He is helping me, he says. Helping me go back to sleep, I think.

This is the warm comfort of our everydayness that brings me home each night. The magnetic happiness that pulls my heart to his.

The second alarm sounds. His day and mine begin when our feet hit the floor; clinging desperately to our nine-minute curling-upness, we play horizontal footsie to prevent each other from getting too close to the edge of the bed. More smiles. Kisses. We know we must get up, but we still do all we can to stop the clock from advancing.

We do not know if today’s daywork will be drudgerous or adventureful, nor do we care; all we know is that we have safe haven in our nine-minute infinity.

My Indie Ink Writing Challenge prompt this week came from Rachel in the OC, who wrote:

You close your eyes and the first word that pops into your head that describes your last lover is:______. What emotion does that invoke in you? Write about the word and the emotion.

My last lover was my husband (and still is). I have many words that pop into my head when I think of him, so I decided to just riff on a feeling that I get when I’m around him. I hope I was able to get the idea across.

My challenge will be answered by Melissa before the end of the week.

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  • I love the approach you took, painting a nine-minute infinity with your words. It is so hard to find a word, one word that describes a feeling such as this. The scene you gave us does such a lovely job of evoking the emotion you feel for your husband. Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment with us. 🙂

  • Wendryn

    This is beautiful. It made me smile and think about the times I’ve been happiest, which are stolen moments, too, moments when we should be doing something else, but we aren’t. It’s very well written, too.

  • RachelintheOC

    I loved where you took this — so sweet, loving, intimate. I love writing and reading about the male/female dynamic (it’s what I’m pretty much obsessed with) and it’s heartwarming to read about your true love for one another. nnReally well done, Maren.

  • Sir

    Wonderfully done. I know that feeling and I think you nailed its description.

  • Marian

    aahhhhh love i wanna live in that moment for absolutely ever.

  • It’s perfect! This is the best feeling ever.

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  • Beautifully written, Maren 🙂 nnYou created an amazing snapshot for us. Just beautiful. Wayyy better than Jon Stewart. 🙂

  • Indigo

    There are sacred moments that buoy us through a day, our lives – away from the every day busy distractions. These are the ones that stay with us and become the memory markers. Loved this. (Hugs)Indigo

  • FlamingNyx

    Gorgeous post!