Today is my wedding anniversary. I’ve been married for four years, and it seems like only yesterday we were in Hawaii exchanging vows in front of our friends and family (and the curious peacock who decided to wander in during the ceremony).

My husband gave me some fun and silly gifts (like brains in a jar and TARDIS soap to name just a couple items), because we don’t really think the whole “traditional” Linen Anniversary is our cup of tea.

Of course I didn’t get anything for him, which I suppose makes me a very bad wife. I played with the idea of writing a poem for him, but A) I’m not a very good poet, and B) I have a feeling he wouldn’t like it too much if I got all mushy about him online. I did write him into this week’s Indie Ink Writing Challenge, and he knows that as long as we’re together, we could be saving the world or even ruling it (he’s working on that one).

So suffice to say I’m very happy to be married to you, my dear, and I think I’ll stick around for more.

(Today is also the 9th wedding anniversary of my best friend, Terry, who graciously allowed me to share her special day.)

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  • Meangirlgarage

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • Wendryn

    Happy anniversary! It’s good to know you are still happy enough to fight zombies together. 🙂