I jokingly posted this tweet on New Year’s Eve, and unfortunately (but not surprisingly) I didn’t win the lottery.

In lieu of a windfall, I didn’t have many other resolutions to offer myself come midnight. Yes, I’ve got to continue with my weight-loss goal. Yes, I need to continue singing more. But are these really resolutions? They’re more like continuations.

Last night, I spoke with my friend Abby, who reiterated to me what I had been saying to myself for a while: I need to audition more. So does she, she said, and we decided we should keep each other on track and accountable in a sort of blogger’s pledge.

So, here we go: starting next Monday, I pledge to make at least 5 new contacts to the singing industry per month. Contacts can include an audition or sending out materials. I’m not exactly sure how to keep track of this on this blog (I’d prefer to keep the contacts confidential, for obvious reasons), but maybe Abby and I can write about what happens as a result of these contacts?

Any suggestions as to how we can keep each other accountable?

New Year’s Resolutions
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  • Suggestions? Of course! Write a “Dear Abby” letter, sign it WudBDeeva, no one will know who you are (hee hee), but everyone will critique her answer to death! Whatever you do, my dearest sweet girl, your dad is sooooo proud of you. You’re the greatest already, it’s just getting your story out there while also taking care of all the details you’re working on that will do the trick. That is, if anything will . . . the show biz world (of which opera is perhaps the grandest example) is fickle and weird, we know this.

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