I want to give some nods to some of my fellow bloggers whose lives were also affected by Angel.  They, too, wrote some beautiful tributes to his memory, and I wanted to share them here:

“Angel” on Skydiving for Pearls (a singer in NYC)

“The Man Who Loved Shoes” on The Bicycle Chef (a woman who blogs about her cycling, her cooking, and other Philadelphia-related goings-on)

“In Memory, Angel Oramas” on OperaMouth (another singer in Philadelphia)

I met a lot of people at Angel’s memorial service yesterday who told me that my post really touched them…so I’m hoping these posts will also show how far Angel’s reach really went. He truly touched a myriad of lives.

Further Angel Memories
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  • Maren, it was both wonderful and terrible sharing this sad experience over the past week. Terrible for the most obvious of reasons and wonderful because of the support and different pairs of eyes with which to see Angel even more clearly as the wonderful man he was. Thank you for your poignant tribute, love, and friendship.