So the recital went very well! Not only was it well-attended, but it was also very well-received; I got lots of positive response from both friends and strangers after it was all done. And my dress was fabulous, if I don’t say so myself! I think all my hard work really paid off.

For those of you who were not at the recital (and for even those of you who were), I am posting a video (below) of the encore, “Sure On This Shining Night” by Samuel Barber, which came off very well, despite the fact that I was resistant to doing that piece in the first place (I wanted to do “Monks and Raisins,” but I’m glad Jeremy and Benjamin convinced me to do this instead).

Sure On This Shining Night from Maren Montalbano on Vimeo.

More videos from the recital to come soon!

Post-Recital Redux
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  • Peter Montalbano

    Great, my wonderful, smart, sweetie! I wish I could have seen the whole thing, and I hope you’re making a DVD . . . Anyhow your dad is very, very proud of you.

  • Amy

    Beautiful! And Ditto on the Dress! Spectacular! I love this song and have sung it for years. Like an old friend.