I know things have been kind of slow around here.  I still have to rebuild my professional site, which is taking forever, plus this time of year is the busiest for us singers. I have been continuing with my situp/pushup/squat challenge, and if you check out my tweets every other day, you’ll see I’m even logging in my progress.

But I wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday season, whatever you’re celebrating, and all the best for a happy new year.

In other news, because Christmas also seems to be the season of spammers, and I’ve been getting comment overload from bots wanting to sell me Viagra and/or Cialis, I’ve installed a CAPTCHA application to the comment forms.  Please feel free to continue to comment on my posts (obviously, those of you reading this on Facebook can continue commenting as per usual), but this extra step saves me having to wade through the spam.

…And God(dess) Send you a Happy New Year
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  • It looks like you have a wordpress blog, yes? Have you tried installing Akismet as one of your widgets? It’s really successful at blocking out my spam. Love your blog 🙂

  • Oh yes, Akismet is definitely one of my widgets. Thanks, Abby!