So I finished the 12-week Body-for-LIFE Challenge (or my version of it, at least), and I managed to lose 15 pounds! This is just about exactly what my doctor told me I should aim for, so obviously my hard work paid off.

HOWEVER, we are now in the midst of the heavy eating and drinking portion of the year. Between Thanksgiving, various holiday parties, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, I’m afraid the temptation to be bad has been overwhelming, and I’m not eating with as much discretion as I was while I was in the middle of the challenge.

Also, I have not reached my goal weight of 160 yet, and I think I may need another challenge to motivate me. My friend Ellen has been participating in a weight-loss motivation program called Lose It or Lose It, a website where you make a monetary investment in your weight loss, and if you don’t lose the weight, you lose your money. It’s a pretty clever idea, actually, and I’m considering joining the program (once New Year’s Eve has come and gone and I’ve stopped eating so many darned Christmas cookies).

In the meantime, Ellen and I have been talking about the Two Hundred Situps challenge, which, like the Couch to 5K program, trains you to gradually be able to do 200 situps in one day. Talk about six-pack abs! There are related challenges, like Hundred Push-Ups and Hundred Squats.

So we’re going to go triple-threat and participate in the 100 squats/200 situps/100 push-ups challenge and get our bodies nice and strong! The great thing about these programs is that they have an log book that is connected with Facebook, so Ellen and I can keep track of our progress and stay accountable to each other. Right, Ellen? And I invite any of you to come along for the ride and post comments letting me know what you think and how you’re doing.

Another Challenge
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  • Ellen

    Hoo Boy -Here we go!
    So, should we do all three each day, or should we alternate? Perhaps I’ll do a little research, I’m sure there are other folks who have attempted the triple-threat.
    Would you mind if we used this blog post as a log? Since we’re doing all three, three online log books might be overwhelming (although I could be talked into it). We could just post some shorthand stats in a comment. C = Crunches, P = Pushups, S = Squats.
    Thanks for getting this started, Maren. I’m no good at doing this stuff alone, I need support and challenges!

  • Yes, we can use this blog post as a log! I am going to start my exhaustion tests today (and I’ll blog about it). Also, the instructions on the challenge websites say that we should do the exercises every other day (many people do Monday/Wednesday/Friday) to give the muscles a chance to rest and recover in between sessions. I think that’s probably a very good idea. Also, Jackie is going to be joining us! I’ll send you a message on FB with more details.