One of the hardest exercises I find about many of the workout programs I’ve been sampling on Exercise TV is plank position. Designed to strengthen your core (abs, back, legs — as well as shoulders and arms), the plank position is essentially the position you put your body into before starting a pushup, only you make sure your hands are directly below your shoulders.

Once you’ve gotten your body into that position, you can either stay there for a while, yoga-style, while your abs and arms scream in agony, or you can do any number of dynamic exercises, from plank jacks to mountain climbers to just plain push-ups…all of which are incredibly difficult for me. I am getting better at it, though, which is encouraging.

Only 13 days left in the Body-for-LIFE Challenge! I’ve got 1 more pound to shed before I get to my challenge goal, and I’m pretty confident I’ll get there. I think I’d like to drop at least another 15 pounds, so I’ll continue this same regimen until I get to my ideal weight.

In the meantime, here’s my girl Cindy Whitmarsh showing how to do the plank pose.

Body-for-LIFE: Walking the Plank
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