This will just be a quickie as I wait for some files to download onto my computer.

I noticed this morning that I was very easily accomplishing the Cindy Whitmarsh Exercise TV workouts that a few weeks ago made me feel like I was going to die. I guess that means I’m getting stronger! And I guess it also means I have to step it up a notch (again).

I have now lost 14 pounds and am continuing to lose more. Everything they say about getting fit is true: I do have more energy, and I’m generally happier (even though winter is on its way, which brings out the SAD in me). Surprisingly, I’m also noticing that I have a lot more self-confidence, which is affecting my singing and my personal interactions with people.

I still have to force myself to start exercising every day, though. And I am continuing to struggle with my nutritional choices. But it’s all a part of the process, I know…just as my friend Rebecca is going through a walkabout to discover more about herself, so my physical changes are bringing out emotional sides of me that perhaps have been buried. I know that the simple (simple? ha!) feat of losing weight is not a silver bullet for all the problems in my life, but this process is certainly putting some stuff into perspective, and THAT is why I am doing it.

Body-for-LIFE: Getting into the Groove
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