I’m not sure how or why I got to this category, but I think I was trying to find something completely different. And I did. I have only tried one workout in the “Slim & Sexy” category and I was not impressed. The programs in this category (as of today) are:

  • Booty Beat (12 mins.)
  • Bootylicious Buns (11 mins.)
  • Camera-Ready Core (11 mins.)
  • Chair Dance (8 mins.)
  • Kendra’s Shape Up (11 mins.)
  • Kim Kardashian Abs (23 mins.)
  • Kim Kardashian Butt (23 mins.)
  • Kim Kardashian Step (23 mins.)

As far as I can tell, this is geared towards the Reality TV-watching, Cosmo-reading demographic — you know, the women who go out to night clubs every weekend and want to put a strip pole in their bedrooms for “exercise.” I ended up choosing the Kim Kardashian Abs program, because it was the longest program…and, sadly, because I had heard of Kim Kardashian (although I’ve never seen her show).

The first thing I noticed is that Kim wasn’t the one leading the workout; her personal trainer was. In fact, this was essentially a peek into what Kim Kardashian does when she works out…only she’s working out in full makeup, wearing a girdle (!!!) and a push-up bra. Oh, and her long, luxurious hair is down, so you know she’s not going to be exerting her head too much. I was rolling my eyes from the very first minute, but I decided to keep watching and working out.

Kim’s personal trainer (too bad they never say her name) is actually a pretty good trainer. I got a good workout on my arms and abs (not so much my legs, but the video did specify this was supposed to focus on abs), but I didn’t break a sweat because Kim never broke a sweat. I mean, if you’re going to cake that much makeup on for the camera, you can’t actually sweat it off, now, can you?

(Oh, I’m sorry. Was that my out loud voice?)

Let’s just say that although I do watch reality TV (mostly Survivor and Amazing Race, but yes, The Real World is a guilty pleasure of mine), I don’t really read Cosmo, and I am a lot more no-nonsense than the women this particular category is catering to. I’ll be avoiding the Slim & Sexy category from now on…and also anything by Kim Kardashian.

Exercise TV Review: Slim & Sexy
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