So I finished my second (!) week of the 12-week Body-for-LIFE Challenge, and so far I’ve lost 9 pounds. Actually, that’s a little inaccurate: I’ve lost 9 pounds since I weighed myself on August 5. That’s when I started with the Bowflex and began paying attention to what I was eating.

I actually had lost a great deal right away in August, so by the time I actually started the Challenge, I had already lost 6 pounds. Which means I’ve lost 3 pounds since the start of September, but still, I’m on my way.

The singing season is now in full swing, starting with my performance at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival last Sunday and rehearsals for Madama Butterfly having started this week. This means odd hours, late nights, and not as much time at home to eat & prepare my food. I’m a little worried, to be honest. One of the things that’s kept me on track thus far is the fact that I’ve been working from home consistently; being able to just pop down to the kitchen and pull out some carrots or do a quick exercise on the Bowflex has kept me going.

My friend Amy has been blogging about her health goals as well. She is actually quite a regular exerciser (you can see in some of her comments on my previous posts that she’s been very supportive of my goals), but now she wants to eat better during the busy rehearsal season. Since the Body-for-LIFE Challenge is more about a lifestyle change than just losing weight, part of the challenge is eating better as well, so I’m following her progress just as she’s following mine!

Anyway, I have to be out of the house from 2pm to 10pm today, which means I will need to either pack a dinner (probably not going to happen) or eat while I’m out. Luckily, there are a few places near my rehearsals where I can get a healthy bite to eat, keeping in mind that I want to balance my meal with higher protein and lower carbs (more on that issue in a later post). Wish me luck!

Body-for-LIFE Progress Report
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