I’m sure you have all heard me talk about The Crossing. I don’t think I’ve written about it as much as I’ve talked about it, but suffice to say that singing with this group of people is exactly the kind of musical experience I wish I could do every single day of my life.

Below is an interview that our director, Donald Nally, gave with WMFT’s Andrew Patner about The Crossing. Yours truly sang in all the recordings that are played on the podcast, including a movement from Kile Smith’s Epiphany Vespers, which will be released on CD in March.

Included in the podcast:

  • “der Frühling” from Tag des Jaars by Kaija Saariaho
  • “Herr Christ” from Epiphany Vespers by Kile Smith
  • “i lie” by David Lang
  • “Was heut’ noch grün” from Vier kleine Finalsätze zu ‘Es ist ein Schnitter, heisst der Tod’ by Erhard Karkoschka (excerpt)
  • “Creator of the Stars of Night” by Gabriel Jackson
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