Okay, so I found out when I got to work yesterday that my boss freaked out on me last week because one of the other women who works at the office decided that she’s going to become a flight attendant and just gave 2 weeks’ notice, and she did it right before I told my boss I was going to Italy for three weeks. So my boss is really happy for me, but she freaked out because she was just shocked. Now I don’t feel nearly as bad as I did on Friday.

Then yesterday I got the rolling kitchen cart I’ve been waiting for, and today my baker’s rack arrived, and things are FINALLY starting to get more organized in our house since our roommates left. There’s something comforting about having things in their proper place, and not on the floor.

So all is well, and I’m off to go assemble my baker’s rack.

(I think that last sentence sounds mildly dirty, but I don’t care.)

Feeling Better Now
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